Kim Kardashian took 8 kg: She launches a new challenge


Kim Kardashian took 8 kg: She launches a new challenge. Kim Kardashian has taken a few pounds in recent months. The starlet is ready to put on weight and she launches a new challenge.

Like many women, Kim Kardashian fights against her pounds. The starlet has decided to lose her extra pounds and she embarks on a challenge!

Kim Kardashian always appears top form on social networks. Indeed, it has more than 150 million subscribers and it is a sensation on each of her photos. It must be said that the wife of Kanye West has very beautiful forms and it makes her fans dream. Nevertheless, the starlet is struggling to keep the line. Indeed, she follows many diets and she decided to embark on a new challenge!

In recent months, Kim Kardashian has taken eight pounds and she is determined to lose them. Thus, the latter wants to make efforts before the arrival of the holidays and she embarks on a challenge. For this, she wants to do a lot of sports with her sports coach, Melissa Alcantara. The celebrity decided to do intensive workouts in the evening before having dinner with the family! “So we do a workout in the evening before dinner, which I have never done with her. But, I understand that we have to do it at some point. ” she said on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian’s fans will see her doing a lot of sports in the morning and evening in the coming weeks. Indeed, the starlet said she took too many pounds this year and she wants to lose everything. “I had to take 8 pounds in a year or a year and a half. So she goes to the gym and she does many workouts. For now, she is determined to keep pace and she seems motivated!

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that Kim Kardashian is embarking on a draconian diet. Indeed, she has tested many challenges to lose weight. She made a vegan diet to be sure to fit in her dress for the Met Gala. Then, last year, the star had lost more than nine kilos by dropping the sugar and doing a lot of sports. There is more to see where this new challenge will lead.

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