Kim Kardashian to drop Kanye West’s presidential election


Nothing is going well for the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Since the start of his presidential campaign, the rapper has been making a series of blunders!

It all started with a particularly lunar tweet posted by the rapper on July 4th. On the social network, Kanye West announced his intention to run for the US presidential election. But since then, nothing has gone as planned.

Indeed, during his first meeting as a candidate, Kanye West completely lost control. He broke down in tears, repeatedly yelling “I almost killed my daughter” on the subject of abortion.

He then said, “Because I had at the time, you know, a rapper’s lifestyle so she told me she was a month, two months, three months pregnant and we. talked about not having this child. She had the pill in her hand. Kim gave birth to this child even though I didn’t want to ”.


Faced with this spectacle, the Kardashian clan then decided to leave the party. But Kanye West didn’t stop his delirium. The rapper continued his completely lunar attitude on Twitter.

So he posted a series of tweets in which he accused the Kardashian clan and his wife Kim of all evil. After a physical separation of several days, they reunited and had a heated argument in a car.

Kim Kardashian then allegedly begged her husband to give up the candidacy for President of the United States for the sake of the family.

“Kim urged Kanye not to go further in his presidential race, but he does not want to hear anything” explained a source close to the couple.

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