Kim Kardashian threw a party during the epidemic


Kim Kardashian West turned 40 last week. For the round jubilee, she organized a lavish party on a private island and, according to some, boasted so selfishly that the same rules do not apply to the rich and famous during a pandemic.

Reality show star Kim Kardashian West wanted to celebrate her round jubilee the way it befits this milestone. For her 40th birthday, Kim hosted a party on a private island, to which she invited a large group of friends, family and relatives. Organizing parties during the covida-19 pandemic, of course, does not, according to experts, help to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.

Kim shared some snapshots from the celebration on social media and was therefore under fire from critics for organizing a party in the middle of the covida-19 pandemic, where guests did not wear protective masks and did not follow prescribed safety distance measures.

She said she organized the party only after conducting several investigations for two weeks and asking everyone to go to quarantine. During one of the recordings, she humbly recalled how privileged her life was.

The new coronavirus has killed more than a million people worldwide, and the virus has caused economic devastation worldwide. In the U.S., a record number of people claimed unemployment benefits this year as they lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

“I don’t think before covid-19 any of us really appreciated what a luxury it was to travel and be with family and friends in a safe environment,” the birthday girl wrote in a series of tweets, saying she doesn’t take any day for granted.

“After two weeks of repeated medical examinations and urging everyone to go to quarantine, I surprised my closest circle of people by going to a private island where we could pretend for a short time that things were normal. We danced, rode bikes and kayaking, swimming near whales, watching movies on the beach and much more, ”she enthusiastically shared the highlights of recent days.

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“I realize that for most people now, it’s so remote and unreachable, so in moments like this, I humbly remind myself how privileged my life is.”

Some of her followers criticized her bragging on social media that she had a pumpkin birthday party on a private island during those times and that she disregarded the safety distance, and condemned her behavior.

“Fine, people had to say goodbye to loved ones over the phone while they were dying in the hospital themselves,” wrote author Jenna Quigley, adding that travel photos really aren’t suitable for social media while the world suffers, and she yet the message, “so humble and so down to earth, really sincere.” She then added that she should have a birthday trip if she wants to, but that it’s really not appropriate to share this on social media. Recall that Kim has a huge following and followers who follow her and set a bad example with her actions.

One of the published photos shows one of the catering staff wearing a mask. Apparently her words, “that they pretended for a moment that things were normal,” did not apply to workers at the party.



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