Kim Kardashian takes another step in her divorce!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in full separation. The two stars have chosen to arm themselves with lawyers for their divorce.

Kim Kardashian no longer supports Kanye West’s behavior. The starlet chose to end her marriage and the two stars each hired a lawyer.

The divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is launched. Over six years ago, the starlet married the rapper. Very quickly, the latter wanted to found a beautiful and large family. So, they had North and Saint and then appealed to a surrogate mother to have two more children. The couple thus had Chicago which has just celebrated its three years and the small Psalm.

However, all is not rosy between the two stars. Khloé Kardashian’s sister often has to deal with her husband’s crises. The last time, the latter disclosed very intimate details about her wife and disrespected her during a speech. Kim K. has a hard time forgiving her, but still did everything to save her marriage.

Yet Kim Kardashian is exhausted and unable to communicate with Kanye West. Thus, the starlet has chosen to end her marriage and does not want to let things drag on. She therefore called on a lawyer specializing in the divorce of stars, Laura Wasser, echoes Closer.

For her part, the rapper must prepare for the divorce, which promises to be very complicated. The latter therefore chose to hire a lawyer this week in order to prepare as best as possible and hope to have custody of her children.


The divorce proceedings therefore seem to have been launched for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The two stars have little chance of backing down, as they keep arguing. “Kim and Kanye had no choice but to live apart in the end because communication between them had become toxic,” a source told Us Weekly.

The starlet did try to stay on good terms with Kanye West and they saw each other several times at the end of 2020. Yet, in the face of resentment, the reality TV star and her husband failed to find an agreement. Then, they especially do not wish to involve their children and do everything to spare them.

“It reached a point where the bickering turned into explosions and confrontations, and since neither of them wanted the children to be exposed to this type of hostility, they remained separated,” the same source told us. colleagues.

For her part, Kim Kardashian sees a marriage counselor in order to cope with this crisis. Kim continued to meet with their marriage counselor in solo sessions. She seems to need this to understand some things about her marriage. Nevertheless, divorce is still the only solution if Page Six is ​​to be believed. The star “had to end their marriage for the sake of her children and her own sanity.”


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