Kim Kardashian tackled by her ex Nick Lachey


Kim Kardashian tackled by her ex Nick Lachey. Nick Lachey, one of the celebrities Kim Kardashian attended, made an unexpected revelation about him years later!

Now that it is highly publicized, Kim Kardashian receives the wrath of people of the past. Like Nick Lachey who tapped it by making a revelation not very cool. We explain to you!

Today Kim Kardashian is living a beautiful story with her husband Kanye West. But let’s not forget that before that the young woman knew other men. Like this meeting she had with Nick Lachey, a singer known at the time. So when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen someone asked a rather surprising question. A correspondent asked Nick if he had ever heard of Kim after disguising himself as Kris Humphries on Halloween with Kelly Ripa as Kim.

The singer explained that he had had “only one appointment face to face. With Kim Kardashian. We went to the movies to see the movie Da Vinci Code. ” did he declare.

Nick explained that he was no longer in touch with Kim Kardashian. “It could not be a nicer girl, we had a lot of fun,” he added. “But no, we are no longer in contact, to answer your question. This seems normal considering that the young woman is now married with 4 children!

Then he went on to tell the moment when they were at the movies, “She left in the middle of the film to go to the bathroom. And to my shock, there were about twenty paparazzi when we left the cinema. So, I think there were many other things at stake in our little meeting. And no, I never heard of her again after that date. It is doubtful that Kim Kardashian will answer these! Case to follow!

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