Kim Kardashian: her super comfortable look is a sensation! (PHOTO)


Kim Kardashian is sexy even in pajamas! Indeed the star has just post a photo in a comfortable look that we would like to put on!

The star of the family is always a sensation on social networks. Thanks to its make-up, its hairstyles but also and especially thanks to its looks. So Kim Kardashian comes, once again, to surprise his fans in a very comfortable outfit. Eh yes ! A set that gives envy because it is also one of his creations! But that’s not all ! This outfit seems perfect for lounging at home on winter days!

It is then a shorts, a tank top and a vest while wadding. A material as pleasant as sexy. Indeed, even with a “cozy” look, the beautiful Kim Kardashian knows how to highlight. She then took advantage of her post to promote her ready-to-wear site on which the outfit is available.

Of course the fans then rushed on the insta of the star to admire his look. Moreover, many positive comments validated Kim Kardashian’s comfort package! “You are fabulous”; “I love” or “I want the same outfit. So much message that surfers have left under Kim’s post. Besides, even men seem to be captivated by the outfit of Kylie’s sister!

If you want to buy this set then know that it exists in 3 colors! However, the bathrobe, the shorts and the top are sold for the modest sum of $ 238 … A slightly excessive amount for an indoor outfit. But the price does not seem to slow down the fans of the star. Indeed, victim of its success, the top worn by Kim Kardashian and most of the pants are already out of stock!


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