Kim Kardashian struggles alone at home for the filming of her reality TV!


It’s not containment that will stop Kim Kardashian! On her Instagram account, the young woman has made several Insta Story where she films herself for her reality TV, KUWTK.

In the Kardashian family, we ask for mom, Kris Jenner. At 60, the young woman who propelled her daughter’s career in reality TV has lost none of her sex appeal.

On the occasion of Siblings Day, Kim Kardashian wanted to pay tribute to his numerous siblings without forgetting his mother.

The mom the whole world would dream of having as a mom made her daughters real stars. It was therefore normal that the pretty brunette paid tribute to him.

To do this, Kanye West’s wife therefore shared several photos of her mother. Tender images that melted the canvas.

Grateful, Kris Jenner thanked her daughter for these love messages. Even if the two young women do not always agree, their love remains intact!

During confinement, the golden rule is therefore not to be put down. And that Kim Kardashian understood!

Confined in her immense villa in Los Angeles, the pretty brunette therefore does a home office. Starting with the shooting of KUWTK!

So, in her Instagram Story, her fans were delighted to learn that North’s mom was shooting footage alone. It must be said that in 15 seasons, Kim has become a real camera and logistics pro.

On one of the videos, she writes: “KUWTK is therefore still filming, but I am my own squad (team), camera manager, scout and producer”. A new string that the young woman can add to her bow.

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