Kim Kardashian spoke in detail about her relationship with Pete Davidson before “SNL” and reacted to the fact that Kanye West is dating Cheney Jones


While Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are warming up, the Kardashian star is telling new details about the beginning of their romance.

Although fans know that the two started dating after the 41-year-old Hulu personality hosted the Saturday Night Live show in October 2021, a month before that she chatted with the 28-year-old comedian at the Met Gala.

“His story is that he asked for my number a little bit,” Kardashian said on Tuesday, April 12, in the issue of the podcast “Not Thin, but not Fat.” “I saw him in the Subway and he knew I was hosting SNL, but it hasn’t been announced yet. He came up to me and we were talking about SNL.”

While Kardashian’s outfit (and gloves) made it difficult for her to dial Davidson’s number when he proposed, they saw each other again on the set of the NBC show the following month.

“He was the only cast that —we were shooting our show — he was the only cast that didn’t agree to shoot, and he wasn’t there until the day, so I didn’t see him all. nothing for a week during rehearsals,” Kardashian recalled to Amanda Hirsch from Dear Media, adding that Davidson wasn’t at the after party because “he doesn’t really hang out.”

She added: “I thought about it later and thought, ‘Damn, he’s the only person who didn’t show up.’ I thought about it after the fact.”

The duo were “hanging out privately” and “relaxing” before they were photographed at Knott Farm on Halloween with friends including Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Davidson became the first person Kim dated or kissed after her breakup with Kanye West. (The former couple has four children: North, 8 years old, Saint, 6 years old, Chicago, 4 years old, and Psalm, 2 years old.)

Since the beauty mogul filed for divorce in February 2021, the 44-year-old rapper has publicly criticized his ex-wife and Davidson on social media.

“I know who he is inside. And I know what he wants to say, and I know what he wants to express, and that’s the beauty of knowing someone for so many years,” Kim said of West’s antics. “So it can be stressful and it can be a lot of things, but I think you just have to be positive when you have kids and you just have to look at the positive, no matter how hard it is. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially behind closed doors, but it does mean that I feel so strong in the way I react to things now, and in the way I choose to communicate in response and at the end of the day, what will it do if people are fighting back and forth? Sometimes, you know, I say something like anger, and then I think: “Why did I do that?”

Kim added that it’s “very frustrating” when “fan bases get involved.”

She explained, “He has such a supportive and awesome, strong fan base, and they’re awesome. And just because people aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean that now these people shouldn’t love me, and my fans shouldn’t dislike him. … There shouldn’t be all this, like, external shit, like, it’s already hard enough for families to survive a divorce.”

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Kim has a finsta

Kardashian admitted that she used to have a fake Instagram account where she posted “really wild shit,” but now she uses the fake account of best friend Lala Anthony to “harass” people, including “fan accounts,” “fashion stuff,” or “everyone.” you might think.

Her relationship with Pete before “SNL”

Kardashian revealed that she and Davidson met at the Met Gala in September 2021 before it was announced that she would host SNL. According to the selfish author, he was curious to know her status against the background of her breakup with West.

After she admitted that she was “very nervous” about the performance, Davidson told Kardashian to take his number. “But I was wearing gloves, and I couldn’t get to the phone with gloves on,” she recalls, noting that he left before she could give him her number. “So we never connected or anything like that before [SNL].”

First kiss on “SNL”

“It was a stage kiss, but it was still a bit cool,” she admitted when asked about Davidson Hirsch’s infamous “BDE.” “It wasn’t something like a super-crazy feeling, I just thought, ‘Hmm,’ and then I thought: “Wow, I haven’t really kissed anyone in 10 years, so maybe I just wanted to be stupid and nothing. It’s just a stage kiss.”

Kim hasn’t spoken to Kanye in months

Kardashian admitted that after she filed for divorce, there were problems between her and West.

“We lived for about eight months without even talking to each other at the beginning of the divorce. And then, you know, we started talking again, and I went to the premiere of Donda,” she said about their dynamics after the breakup. “I mean, he’s still going to see the kids and stuff, he and I just took a minute of silence, and I think in every way it’s going to be like that.”

The Skims founder added that she hopes that one day they will become “joint parents.”