Kim Kardashian spoke about the role that Kylie Jenner played in Chicago, and about photoshopped photos of Tru at Disneyland


The truth is coming out! Three months after Kim Kardashian’s pictures at Disneyland sparked rumors about Photoshop, the reality TV star admitted that she edited the pictures.

“Instagram needs a serious explanation,” the 41—year-old graduate of the Kardashian Family program wrote in her Instagram story on Wednesday, April 27, referring to the January Instagram photos of her 4-year-old daughter Chicago and her 4-year-old daughter. “True’s old niece.

When the selfish author first posted the upload on social media in January, fans noted that Khloe Kardashian’s daughter appeared to have been added after the fact. The 37-year-old author of Strong Looks Better Naked confirmed the rumors earlier this month.

The Good American co-creator told her Instagram followers on April 12 that she took True to Disneyland “for the first time” for her birthday, prompting fans to point out previous photos of the toddler at the theme park.

“Well, I screwed up with that,” the Celebrity Apprentice graduate tweeted at the time. “Anyway… let’s focus on something else. Our show [The Kardashians] will air in a few days.”

Instagram’s Kim, for her part, told her Instagram followers on Wednesday that the Photoshop mishap was caused by her “well-planned” Instagram grid.

“OK, OK, you know I’m all about my aesthetics,” the creator of KKW Beauty began. “And my IG grid has been pink and blue lately. Isn’t that so cute?”

The Los Angeles native shared an original photo of Chicago and Kylie Jenner’s 4-year-old daughter, Stormy, writing: “The original photos were Stormy! However, I asked @kyliejenner if I could post them and she said she didn’t really want to post at the moment and so I respect that! But it wasn’t going to ruin my IG feed. Chi was wearing pink, and it fit perfectly.”

The Skims creator thanked True for “taking one for the team,” adding, “It wasn’t the aesthetic I was aiming for, and I can admit it! You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul. And I’ll be damned if Kylie messes this up for me and messes up my IG grid. …I didn’t think it would make a big difference if her own mom asked if it was the first time I snuck her into Disneyland.”

The 24-year-old Jenner took a break from social media at a time when her boyfriend Travis Scott’s performance in November 2021 in Texas led to a mass casualty incident. Ten concert-goers died from injuries sustained at the Astroworld event.

The creator of Kylie Cosmetics, who was pregnant with baby #2, returned to the social media app in December 2021. The Life of Kylie alum gave birth to her and the 30-year-old rapper boy two months later.