Kim Kardashian spits out a frame during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of sister Kylie Jenner: watch the clip


A little too much? Kim Kardashian and many other members of Kylie Jenner’s famous family and friends came to celebrate her 25th birthday, but the Skims mogul wasn’t quite ready for the party.

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Does anyone have a chance that I can do?” — said the 41-year-old Kardashian star on Thursday, August 11, in a TikTok video shared by Jenner. “OKAY, OKAY!”

After the 25-year-old Kylie’s Life graduate, who was in the midst of opening a special birthday gift from mom Kris Jenner, and her guests welcomed Kardashian’s willingness to participate in their “25 shots for a party girl” plan, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected.

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The selfish writer, who was wearing a bright orange dress, was seen wincing while swallowing a drink. However, she quickly spat its contents back into her glass. “It’s so fucking…,” Kardashian began to say in the footage on Thursday.

Kardashian didn’t let her inability to take a picture spoil the fun of the group in what Kylie called her “best birthday” while on a huge yacht. Kardashian’s birthday girl, 66-year-old founder of Safely Kendall Jenner and their friends had a party on a boat before watching fireworks and opening gifts.

“I’m excited! Mom, this paper is [amazing],” Kylie recalled with delight her perfectly wrapped gift from Chris, which turned out to be a limited edition Hermés Birkin bag.


the best birthday 🦋🦋

♬ original sound – Kylie jenner

— What’s going to happen, ladies? Kylie asked Stormy’s daughter and Chicago’s niece, who are 4 years old. “[It’s] great. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

When the founder of Kylie Baby snuggled up to her rust-colored handbag, Kylie revealed that Hermes had only released three versions of her new accessory.

Although fans couldn’t see what other gifts Kylie received on her special day, a few hours ago she was marked with several rave reviews on social media.

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“Happy Birthday, girl (all this journey in Lala’s voice, lol). Every year you surprise me with how wise, protecting your loved ones and how generous your heart is,” wrote Kardashian, who shares 9-year-old North, 6-year-old Saint, Chicago and 4-year-old Psalm with ex-husband Kanye West. via Instagram on Wednesday, August 10. “You are so special and one of a kind. There is so much love and happiness in your love that I pray for it forever. Happy birthday @kyliejenner I love you so much!!! From now on and forever!!!”

Kylie replied sweetly: “I love you, angel sister!!!!”

The makeup mogul’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, with whom she shares Stormy and a son born in February, also praised his longtime partner on Wednesday. “Happy f—kkkkkking Birthday mi 🤎 🤎 🤎 🤎 🤎 🤎 🤎 🤎”, — The 31-year-old Cactus Jack founder signed the Instagram Story slides on Wednesday. “It’s a ‘I want it now’ look.


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