Kim Kardashian showcases her curves with Skims!


To celebrate the transition to the year 2021, Kim Kardadashian had the idea to display her dream curves in a very sexy Skims body!

Kim Kardashian has always been very sexy. Kanye West’s wife started SKIMS a little over a year ago and it’s a total hit.

To launch her brand, Psalm’s mother asked her fans to help her choose the name of her brand. If the pretty brunette had opted for Kimono, SKIMS was adopted.

During the launch of her brand, Kim Kardashian gave details of the origin of this beautiful project. “I want to represent all body types in this way. As a woman, I know it can be hard to feel comfortable in your clothes. I lived it, ”she confided in Story.

A true ambassador of her own brand, Kim Kardashian therefore does not hesitate to promote her own brand of clothing. And she did it a few hours ago.

The young woman posted on Instagram a series of photos of herself in a white bodysuit. These are from his latest collection of bodysuits from the SKIMS brand.


As a caption, the Instagram queen wrote: “On January 5th, you can find my Body Bascis. This is all we expected for 2021. Bodysuits are available in 7 different styles, 5 colors and in all sizes, from XXS to 4XL “.

What makes SKIMS strong is above all its wide choice of clothing. The young woman said she wanted to experiment with a collection of clothing that adapts to all body types.

She wrote this on Instagram: “The sizes go from XXS to XXXL, it was a choice because I want my girdles to be accessible to all,” she said. And it’s a success.

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Stormed with every restocking, Kim Kardashian’s brand is therefore very lucrative. Proof of this is his brand’s Instagram page has more than 2.2 million followers.


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