Kim Kardashian Shares Tbt Photo Where She Looks The Same As Her Daughter North West


Kim Kardashian Shares Tbt Photo Where She Looks The Same As Her Daughter North West. Kim Kardashian recently published a photo of her oldest daughter, North West, in a Instagram.

KKW Beauty CEO shared the retreat image with millions of Instagram followers. In the cute article Kim sits next to her sisters Kourtney and Khloe while smiling at the threesome for the camera. Three of them are wearing floral clothes, young Kim and Kourtney are wearing a floral vest, white buttoned shirt and trousers, and Khloe is wearing a floral dress. The sisters are sitting in a cute annex next to a fireplace.

The sweet article caught the attention of several of Kim’s followers. Her own mother, Kris Jenner, even stepped into Kim’s comments and joked that she “had to be a stylist dayanarak on the way to getting her daughters dressed in uniform for photography. Many of Kim’s supporters drew attention to how Kim and North look around Kim’s daughter’s age. Many of Kim’s followers received comments to share her thoughts on the similarities of her and the North.

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Kim’s supporters shared how much she and the North preferred each other under the photos shared by the mother-daughter duo. According to people, not only the face of the North’s famous mother, but also Kim’s love of beauty and fashion. Famous tot was featured in magazines for her personal style. Kim also referred to North as a “little fashion designer ve and occasionally left North’s style to herself. While the Western family was on vacation in Tokyo, Japan, even keeping up with the Kardashians star left the North in style.

While Kim takes care of the North style, her mother may have to wait a few years until she tries her makeup collection. Kim previously liked the make-up of the North, and her father, Kanye, said her 6-year-old daughter decided to veto the use of make-up for the elderly. Kim agreed that while the Kanye was open to wearing makeup in the past, the North must be a little more mature before they both try beauty products.

As a parent, you only learn when you’re learning, and we noticed that we really didn’t want her to wear makeup at a young age, but she sees her mother wearing lipstick and lip gloss, Kim said.

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