Kim Kardashian shares a message of support to women!


Kim Kardashian shared a message of support for the women on social media. And it is in her Instagram Story that it happens.

Kim Kardashian has always been a feminist. The pretty brunette very Girl Power, shared the beautiful message of several personalities on Netflix.

The ex wife of Kanye West has once again celebrated Girl Power thanks to the message relayed by several young women via the Netflix platform. She shared her feelings for this on the video.

“I got this from a friend this morning and it happened just in time. I watched the video over and over with my own “Queens” and it made their day again. I advise everyone to share it en masse, “writes the influencer on Instagram.

In the images, Michèle Obama, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis take turns speaking from the heart. So they delivered a message of hope to women around the world.

“Girl, you have a duty to do on this planet. So, of course, it’s not going to be easy, we’ve all been there, but you will get there, ”says Michèle Obama on the video. “Your fights, we share them”, continues the former First Lady “.


Another actress said you have to celebrate the small victories as much as the big ones. “You are brave, you are dynamic, you are disciplined,” rapper Miss Thang said. And go on. “Just because you do things on your own doesn’t mean it’s worthless.”

You will understand, the video re-shared by Kim Kardashian is therefore a real ode to feminism. By becoming the First Female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris therefore brought a new lease of life to the political sphere. And that’s good.

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Through her determination and her desire to always do better, Joe Biden’s running mate proved to the world that you can be a woman and have big ambitions. And that is priceless.

Kim Kardashian who built an empire on her own, therefore shares the ideas of these women who triumphed alone through their work and devotion. We understand why she re-shared this video which makes sense to her.


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