Kim Kardashian sells part of her KKW Beauty shares!


For the past few days, Kim Kardashian has not been in top form! She has just resold her shares of KKW Beauty!

Kim Kardashian has announced that she has sold part of her KKW Beauty shares!

Nothing is going well for Kim Kardashian! As her marriage turned into a fiasco, she was also humiliated in front of the world. Her husband cheated on her, and she can’t stand it!

According to an anonymous source who broke the news on Page Six, Kim Kardashian decided it was time to end her marriage “for the sake of her children and her own sanity.” ”

The star is expected to receive $ 6 million for her divorce. Because taking into account their marriage contract, Kanye West owed, in the event of divorce, 1 million dollars per year of marriage to his wife.

Although Kim Kardashian was already rich with a heritage of $ 780 million, she is even more! Especially since last Tuesday, she made the decision to resell part of her shares of KKW Beauty!

She therefore concluded a commercial agreement by selling 20% ​​of KKW Beauty to cosmetics giant Coty. Imagine that the transaction is around 200 million dollars according to our colleagues at Entertainment Tonight.


Proud Kim Kardashian therefore said: “I am so proud of how the KKW brand has grown over the past four years. And I look forward to working with Coty on the next phase of innovation … and advancement with the ability to launch new products around the world. ”

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“This collaboration will allow me to lead the development of the creative elements, which is my specialty, while benefiting from the incredible resources of a well-established company like Coty.”

The American star followed in her sister’s footsteps! Indeed, Kylie Jenner has also sold 51% of its shares in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty. And this for $ 600 million in 2019.


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