Kim Kardashian scolds her kids during an interview with Jimmy Fallon


Kim Kardashian looks more like a typical mom than anyone might think, as the Kardashian star had to interrupt her interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to scold her children for bad behavior in the audience. Despite the backlash and the ongoing trademark fight, Kim officially launched her SKKN skincare line on June 21 and stopped by a talk show in New York to promote it. The reality TV star received a cease-and-desist letter in 2021, when she first registered the trademark, because cosmetologist Sidney Lunsford already owns a Brooklyn skincare boutique called SKKN+ and believes that Kim’s brand could negatively affect her business.

The Kardashian star has also faced criticism for her trademark resembling Laurie Harvey’s SKN, for her overpriced products and for misleading fans with her fake reusable packages. However, Kim is not one to back down, and has moved forward by launching her brand and promoting it. Before the interview, Kim went live on Instagram, where she reprimanded her children for bad behavior in the car. Kim tried to talk to her fans, but her sons, Saint and Psalm West, were screaming in the background and shouting disrespectful comments to the camera.

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Unfortunately, Kim’s sons did not calm down when it came time for her to give an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and in the end she had to scold them again. During Jimmy’s interview, the Kardashian star and the host discussed her performance on Saturday Night Live in October and her lack of knowledge about the show when they were interrupted by her children. “I can hear the kids,” Jimmy said right before the cameras switched to Saint, Psalm, and her friend Remy’s daughter. — Can you guys stop? Kim pleaded. “This is your first time working with me. Could you?” Although Kim may have been annoyed by her children, the audience immediately began to support them.

“Guys, this is your first time working with me. Don’t screw it up,” Kim added. The SKIMS founder then explained to Jimmy how she had arranged for her eldest daughter, North West, to have a special 9th birthday celebration. Unfortunately, she had to stop the interview again because her children did not listen to her first two requests. Then the Psalm was taken backstage so as not to be interrupted again. Fortunately, after her youngest son left, Kim was finally able to finish her interview without interference.

Kim, of course, is not a typical mom, but, like all mothers, she has to deal with the unpredictable behavior of her children. No matter how famous Kim is, her children always seem immune to professional training. Fortunately, the SKKN founder handled the situation like a professional and was able to continue communicating with Jimmy and demonstrate her new skin care line. While the crowd didn’t seem to mind, the Kardashian star would probably think twice before bringing her kids to work with her again.