Kim Kardashian said that her prankster daughter North deceived the housekeeper, making her think that there was a murder in the house


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be busy with their eldest daughter North West. Whether she’s mocking the voice of her mom’s influencer or making sure that all family Christmas cards are “unusable,” a 9-year-old girl is constantly finding ways to troll her family. But it seems that one of her latest pranks almost went too far, as Kardashian revealed that the authorities almost intervened after the housekeeper thought there had been a murder in their rented house.

North-West apparently developed the ability to create makeup with special effects, her mother shared with Allure, saying that she learned very well how to use artificial blood and create artificial wounds. However, her penchant for gloom almost got the Kardashian star into trouble when they didn’t clean the house after one of North’s pranks. Kim Kardashian explained:

North is really into makeup with special effects, and she’s really good at it. So I invited the teacher and showed her makeup with special effects, where there were wounds, blood and a bunch of things like that. In fact, she’s so good that I rented a house this summer, and she took all her makeup with special effects, and she decided not only to prank me and do it with her and Chicago, but also to make the whole room look like a murder scene. And I cleaned the kids, but I’m really too tired to clean the whole room.

Apparently, North West set up an entire crime scene in their rented house with his 4-year-old sister Chicago as her accomplice (and alleged victim). Although Kim Kardashian was able to get her daughters in order, she said she plans to take care of the house the next day. However, that morning, the reality TV star had to rush to school, leaving the housekeeper an unintended victim of her daughter’s prank. Kardashian recalled:

The housekeeper came and tried to call the authorities and called the landlord, thinking it was a complete, real murder scene. And I had to let them know that it was just a joke, and my kids were doing makeup with special effects. It was bad. I have photos, and it’s crazy.

It must have been terrible for the housekeeper! Can you imagine that you come to work and think that a real murder has happened? North West must be really talented, too, if the scene was realistic enough for the housekeeper to call the landlord. Thank God they didn’t run into Kim Kardashian’s kids in full bloody makeup, because that would surely be an injury!

North West has a talent for driving her famous mother crazy with her jokes. At Easter, when Kim Kardashian showed her followers fresh fruits and vegetables that she had grown in her garden, her eldest daughter commented off-screen that they look “disgusting”, and the founder of Skims also said that a 9-year-old girl casts a shadow about her “ugly” house every time she is upset because of his mother.

Fans enjoyed watching Northwestern bring down Kim Kardashian’s social media posts, like when she stole the show when Kardashian was filming social social distancing in early 2020, or when she called her mom about her supposed love for Olivia Rodrigo’s hit.” Driver’s license.”

It’s pretty funny how a 9-year-old girl can keep her mom humble, and hopefully we’ll keep hearing stories about the Northwest and even maybe see some of her pranks when the Kardashians return to Hulu for a second season. , The first season of the family reality show is already available for streaming on a Hulu subscription, and be sure to check out some of the other best shows on Hulu.