Kim Kardashian reveals a rare photo of her uncle on his birthday


Kim Kardashian is very close to her family and she loves posting photos of them. She released a photo of her uncle!

Kim Kardashian has a large family and loves to see her loved ones. The star posted a picture of his uncle on his birthday!

For several weeks, the coronavirus has been raging all over the world. So countries are closing in on themselves and people have to stay at home.

Kim Kardashian respects the rules and the starlet shows solidarity in the face of the situation. In fact, she donated $ 1 million to poor families. Then, 20% of its profits from the Skims brand will go to an association.

Kanye West’s wife stays at home with her children and her husband. She is happy to be able to spend time with her family. However , she can no longer see her sisters, her mother or even her uncle.

So Kim Kardashian stays in touch with them through social media. Besides, she did not fail to celebrate her uncle’s birthday!


Kim Kardashian has always been very close to her family and she takes care of them. Besides, she loves to post photos of her big family. So, a few hours ago, she posted several photos of her uncle online.

The star’s uncle is celebrating his 80th birthday and has posted photos of him younger. However, it can also be seen with Kim, North and other children. He seems very proud to be surrounded by his loved ones and the star made a nice statement to him.

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In addition to the beautiful photos, Kim Kardashian left an adorable message to his uncle. She seems very close to him even if his fans have never been able to see him in photo.

“Happy 80th birthday to my uncle. To my father’s brother, Tom. I don’t usually post because I know you love your privacy but I needed to shout it out loud. A happy and great birthday! Uncle Tommy, I love you so much and I’m proud of our family and everything you’ve taught us, ” she wrote on Instagram.

Thus, Kim Kardashian paid a very beautiful tribute to his uncle. For their part , the fans loved the photos which are filled with love.


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