Kim Kardashian reveals adorable Chicago pics with Dream!


For Kim Kardashian, family is sacred! And the star has once again proved it by posting a photo of Chicago and his cousin!

Kim Kardashian has spoiled her fans again! Indeed, the bomb shared a nice photo of Chicago in the company of his cousin Dream. Quickly discover her adorable shot!

Since becoming a mom, Kim Kardashian has loved sharing her family life on the web. The it girl never hesitates to display her little tribe on her profile. And her children are now real stars all over the world!

Internet users have become addicted to the Kardashians. They then follow their adventures over the days on Instagram. Unbelievable !

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian fans witnessed an adorable scene! Indeed, the star celebrated her niece’s birthday. She thus published an adorable snapshot of the little Dream in the company of Chicago.

The two girls are more accomplices than ever on the pictures. They strike a pose together, giving each other a big hug. Enough to melt the hearts of Internet users!


Chicago is very close to its cousin Dream. Indeed, the girls spend a lot of time together and are now inseparable.

Kim Kardashian takes advantage of this post to make a nice statement to her brother’s daughter. She wrote in the caption: “My little Dream! You are a ray of sunshine! You are the best friend my daughter could hope for! I love you very much ! Happy Birthday ! “.

This tender message has cracked Internet users. Indeed, they are more than 2 million to like the photo of the duo. And they are unanimous: Chicago and Dream are adorable!

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Once again, Kim Kardashian has therefore made the buzz with her family photo. Like what, the private life of the star continues to fascinate the web. And the latter has not finished wowing us with her pretty photos!


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