Kim Kardashian releases new TV reality show and is totally different from the others


Admirable woman! Kim Kardashian releases new TV reality show and is totally different from the others. The celebrity put all her energy into the legal profession and now is dedicated to defending people with doubtful convictions.

Kim Kardashian is a fascinating woman where you look at her. Regardless of how she exposes herself to the world, it is undeniable that she has a privileged mind and an unprecedented ability to do business.

Kim’s next television project is based on her new worldview: She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and devote herself to the world of law by detecting terrible cases of unfair convictions in American women.

“The Justice Project” will be a short two-hour documentary in which she seeks a reform of criminal justice in her country. From what we know so far, The Justice Project will focus on the story of Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson is a 63-year-old great grandmother who was in prison for more than 25 years of her life since she was convicted of a drug crime without violence for the first time and that Kim Kardashian got her presidential pardon for this woman in May 2018.

After hearing about this case, Kim found many similar ones where she herself has tried to intervene and improve the quality and legal situation of the United States.

With her temper and stubbornness, Kim did not give in to criticism and she herself visited the prisons and interviewed the prisoners and their families.

As it could not miss, the celebrity also uses her power and her contacts to have access to officials and lawyers who can help her in her justice projects.


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