Kim Kardashian ready to date Van Jones for her career?


Kim Kardashian is she ready to go out with Van Jones to boost her career? Some American media have suggested it …

The rumor swells on social networks. The American tabloids are therefore convinced that Kim Kardashian has a relationship with Van Jones.

Since her split from Kanye West, North’s mom has reportedly cooed secretly with journalist Van Jones, 52. A rumor that is gaining momentum …

So who to believe? The Screenrant media therefore evokes that the reality TV star would be dating Van Jones to boost her legal career.

Indeed, Van Jones was educated at Yale where he graduated in the 90s. Since then, he has done everything to find a place in Hollywood.

Renowned lawyer Van Jones works on CNN where he covers several high profile protests and events in the United States. Kim Kardashian would she use her notoriety to break through?


For several weeks, the American media have been convinced that the journalist and Kim Kardashian are therefore in a relationship. The two friends know each other very well.

The CNN commentator has interviewed the pretty brunette several times before to talk about KUTWK. The Sun media outlet was one of the first to launch this crazy rumor in the press.

Since then, speculations around the couple have therefore been rife. So much so that some journalists therefore suggest that the choice of Kim Kardashian is well thought out.

“The young woman has been studying law for several years and she wants to work in the criminal sector. Van could help him rise through the ranks, ”a source tells Screenrant. And that’s not all.

A source close to the star said the mother of four would go out with Van Jones to redeem another image. “Van knew her when Kim was dating Paris Hilton, and she wants to show that she’s not just a party girl,” said a relative.


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