Kim Kardashian ready celebrate Christmas with her family?


Despite the pandemic, Kim Kardashian should spend the Christmas holidays with the family! It is also Khloé who confirmed the info on Twitter.

This year, the health crisis would have undermined some Kim Kardashian projects. But according to the words of her sister Khloé, the star should spend Christmas with the rest of her family.

Kim Kardashian’s private life continues to excite the media! But also her fans. It must be said that in recent months, her daily life has been quite hectic.

Remember this summer, her husband Kanye West formalized her candidacy for the next US presidential elections. But nothing went as planned for the couple.

Supporting her husband’s ambitious project, the star quickly became disillusioned following the latter’s rambling remarks and speeches.

Diagnosed “bipolar”, the rapper would have stopped taking her treatments a little while ago. But her choice also damaged her family’s balance.

At first, he tackled Kim Kardashian without a filter. But also some other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on Twitter. After heated discussions, the lovebirds ended up meeting again.

And in the end it all worked out! But all this motivated Saint’s mother to stop filming “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” for good. Now she wants to focus on her private life away from the cameras.


Every year Kim Kardashian loves to celebrate Christmas with the rest of her family. But because of the health crisis, large groups are strongly discouraged!

So on the Internet, Internet users are wondering. Indeed, many people wonder about the unfolding of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s holiday season. And at the start of the week, surprise!

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This Tuesday, November 10, a Twitto asked Khloé Kardashian if their Christmas party was canceled this year. It is true that due to the pandemic, caution is required!

To which Kim Kardashian’s sister responded unfiltered: “I don’t hope! I think it will obviously be much smaller. And I totally agree with that! “.

Before concluding: “But we certainly celebrate Christmas! (…) Maybe we should do some quick tests first. We have to think about what is safest ”. To be continued !


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