Kim Kardashian Poses With Green Lenses On Instagram


Radiant Kim Kardashian still turns the heads of her fans! On her Instagram account, she posted a selfie with green lenses. Kanye West’s wife caused yet another sensation on social media! Kim Kardashian shared a photo where we see her with green colored lenses! She is sublime !

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian posts a lot of pictures of her and her daily life. A week ago, she had also shared a photo of her posing in a set. Hyper sexy, the publication had more than 3 million likes! Today she posted a selfie! We see that she is wearing makeup in nude tones. What put her luscious lips forward! But above all, she wears green lenses!

American celebrity loves to pose for her fans! She very often posts photos of her in bikini, with her husband, her children, her sisters! Everything is good to be published! And that delighted the very many fans of Kim K! Indeed, Kim Kardashian is one of the top 10 most followed people! It ranks 6th with 160 million subscribers!

So, Khloé’s sister made the buzz with her latest publication! The photo was loved by over 900,000 people! A huge score but not surprising! Indeed, Kim Kardashian is used to receiving so many likes on her photos! Ella had more than 3,600 reactions!

“ Splendid Kim K! » Wrote a fan of Kim Kardashian under the photo! We can also read ” Green eyes look great on you!” Lovely! ” Or” I love you, you are my idol, marry me! ” Thus, comments that will for sure enjoy the mom North! In any case, we validate the green eyes!


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