Kim Kardashian plans to launch her own skincare line


Kim Kardashian plans to extend her beauty line and launch skincare products. The quarantine has been favorable for the socialite in business matters. Beyond the controversies that have surrounded her family in recent weeks, Kim has turned her attention to boosting her beauty business, perhaps following the same steps as her younger sister Kylie Jenner.


According to information from the TMZ portal, Kim Kardashian would have submitted legal documents to register the KWW Skin brand in order to develop a new collection of products in association with the company Coty Inc, which would increase her profits, since last June her company it was valued at a billion dollars.

The Kardashian family is known for always taking care of glamor and its image, especially the face, therefore, Kim wants to bet on a skin care line that will include a wide variety of products that will be promoted and sold in strategic points and places famous for offer the best for beauty care.

Kim plans to launch KKW Skin, which includes lotions, scrubs, sunscreens, lotions, moisturizers, creams, toners, serums, masks, balms, oils, among others, for both the skin and the body, a collection that will help you have a face like that of famous celebs.

This will be the first project Kim launches with Coty, the company acquired a 20 percent stake in the business from the socialite. Both sides also have plans to launch other lines aimed at hair, grooming and nails, a hallmark of the Kardashians, who always have a flawless manicure.

So far, the release date of KWW Skin is not known, but everything indicates that the name has already been registered. Kim and Kylie have managed to create a fortune thanks to their personal businesses, mainly make up, because lipsticks, blushes and shadows promise to recreate the look that each of them wears in each of their photos.

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