Kim Kardashian pays tribute to someone who is very dear to her!


What would Kim Kardashian do without her personal makeup artist? Not much … It must be said that they both contributed to their mutual celebrity. He made her beautiful and she made it popular!

It is rare that Kim Kardashian wishes the birthdays of his relatives on Instagram. Except if it is the members of his family, but Mario was entitled to this small tribute of praise from the star. It must be said that the two are inseparable and even work together on various projects. He became a member of the Kardashian family because he also makes up the other sisters.

“First of all … Happy Birthday to @ makeupbymario’s mom today because without her I would not be who I am today without Mario! She wrote under her post. Kim Kardashian thanks Mario’s mother for giving birth, because without him she would not be who she is. At least that’s what she says!

Kim Kardashian has already collaborated with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. If you do not know him, you know his technique. Indeed it is he who revolutionized the technique of contouring! It must be said that it is thanks to Kim that the makeup artist has pierced. Over time they have even become inseparable, they have already known each other for a year.

Followed by 7 million people, Mario is also sought by other stars. The artist became a real businessman, he collaborated with the brand Laura Mercier. As well as a make-up collection with Kim Kardashian called: KKW x Mario! As much to tell you that their products sold like hotcakes. We wish them many more years of collaboration together!


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