Kim Kardashian opens up about her first sexual experience!


In 2012 facing Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian delivered on her first time. And her mother Kris Jenner even gave her a lot of advice.

Kim Kardashian’s private life has always puzzled the media! Eight years ago on the set of Oprah Winfrey, the incendiary brunette confided in her first sexual experience.

For several years, Kim Kardashian has been in the spotlight. In the past, she was once the BFF (and personal assistant) of Paris Hilton.

Like her famous sidekick, the pretty brunette quickly rebounded after the scandal of her sextape. Kim Kardashian subsequently became known to the general public with her show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Alongside the other members of her family, the star revealed all aspects of their daily life. With Kris Jenner at the helm, the show was obviously very successful around the world.

In 2012, Kourtney’s sister agreed to indulge herself like never before on an Oprah Winfrey talk show. Faced with the famous host, Kim Kardashian returned to her adolescence.

Unsurprisingly, the businesswoman could not escape the indiscreet questions of her interlocutor. The star admitted in the wake that she had made her first time at 14 years old with her boyfriend at the time.

And she didn’t hesitate to turn to Kris Jenner for some answers. “Then she said, ‘Okay. So what’s going to happen is we’re going to put you on the pill, “North’s mom explained.


While Kim Kardashian declined to comment on this 1st experience, the star obviously appreciated being able to have the support of her mother at this pivotal time in her life.

“I found her to be very open and very honest with me,” said the influencer before moving on to a whole new topic. In good times and bad, Mason’s aunt knows she can always count on the famous “momager”.

As a real mother hen, Kris Jenner wants only the best for her little tribe! And beware of those who dare to attack her offspring.

In these cases, True’s grandmother surrounds herself with the best lawyers to launch the offensive and it can hurt. For several years now, she has brilliantly managed the image of her clan.

A true marketing pro, Corey Gamble’s sweetheart is also the agent of all her children. She’s pulling all the strings behind the scenes. And Kim Kardashian’s mother has a sense of business!


For several days, Kim Kardashian has made the front page of all the tabloids. Indeed, Saint’s mother would be determined to divorce Kanye West.

According to some media, the rapper’s escapades got the better of their union. Others claim that in reality it would be just a simple swipe of COM to promote a new TV show.

So who’s telling the truth ?! Response within a few weeks. Case to be continued we tell you!


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