Kim Kardashian mobilized to fight Covid-19!


Kim Kardashian is committed to the Covid-19. She took a great initiative to help her fans and learn about the disease.

Kim Kardashian wants to be very influential on social networks. The star has set up a video conference with other stars to fight against Covid-19.

Kim Kardashian first rose to prominence on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality show. Since then, the star has come a long way and created several brands in her image. Then, she has many fans on social networks.

With over 191 million Instagram followers, Kanye West’s wife is very influential. Thus, she does not hesitate to use her notoriety on social networks to educate her fans. Lately, the star has been talking about the Covid-19.

Like many stars, Kim K. advised her fans to wash their hands well and put on a mask. However, she also took a great initiative, ET explains. Indeed, the star would have set up a videoconference between Dr. Anthony Fauci and dozens of stars.

Last April, Kim Kardashian contacted a number of stars like Mila Kunis, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Brad Falchuk to speak with the doctor. Thus, the aim was to have as much information as possible about the epidemic and to share it on the networks.


During the first lockdown, people heard a lot of fake news about Covid-19. So, Kim Kardashian wanted to guide her fans and called a doctor to have all their questions answered. Dr. Anthony Fauci did not expect the investment and was surprised by her initiative.

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“It was a big gathering of stars, and a few sports figures. They wanted to know what they could do to stay safe, how to wear the mask and avoid the crowds, ”the doctor told the media.

Finally, Kim Kardashian’s goal was for stars to be able to talk to their fans and give them real advice in the face of Covid-19. “She wanted to talk to someone, ask questions so that she could get specific information out. Because there were so many fake ones the first few months, ”he explained.

So a nice gesture from Kim who had to take care of her husband Kanye West when he got the virus.


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