Kim Kardashian: Makeup artist Rokael Lizama is very old!


One of Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists is facing terrible news. Indeed, the make-up artist Rokael Lizama is in mourning …

Kim Kardashian has a whole bunch of makeup artists working on taking care of her. However, one of them, and not the least, is grieving at this very moment. What to overwhelm the make-up artist.

For decades, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have used the crème de la crème to dress them up. Besides stylists, they also have makeup artists who take care of their appearance.

As we know, Kanye West’s future ex-wife loves beauty more than anything. She has also launched her own empire: KKW Beauty.

For her part, Rokael Lizama can congratulate himself on sublimating the beauty of Kim and her sisters. As evidenced by her Instagram page, on which he reveals the photos of the set on which he makes up stars.

Besides the clan of the most famous bimbos in reality TV, he also dabbles in makeup for other stars. Like Demi Lovato or Christina Milian, the darling of M Pokora.

However, the famous makeup artist of Kim Kardashian may put her career aside for a while. This, because of the close mourning that he has to live …


“I will never be the same again, nothing can describe this pain,” wrote makeup artist Kim Kardashian in an Instagram post. “The woman who helped me through it all is now in heaven with the Lord.”

Thus, her mother passed away, shortly after the death of another close relative: her father. Very close deaths which must overwhelm the young makeup artist.

“My mom and dad are now together in heaven,” he continues. “I lost both my parents in less than five months, but the Lord makes me stand up. Rest in peace “.

A beautiful tribute that did not go unnoticed by her fan community. As well as her long-time clients, including Kim Kardashian, who is sensitive as she is, must have had tears in her eyes.


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