Kim Kardashian: Her makeup artist balances her beauty secrets!


In an interview with People, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist made several revelations about her beauty secrets!

For years, Kim Kardashian has been able to count on her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, to have more worked looks than each other. And this Thursday, January 29, the beautiful decided to swing her beauty secrets in an interview with People .

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist said : “I keep the tweezers tilted, the Point tweezers and the eyelash tweezers in my kit. If you are not familiar with the latter, this is a small tool that you use to apply false eyelashes . I also love the Lash Curler. I will always curl the lashes. Even if there is no mascara. She’s such a game changer . ”

Regarding her secrets for having beautiful skin, the young woman also explained: “In fact, I went to esthetician school. Because I wanted to learn as much as possible about the skin . I had skin problems when I was growing up. So it was really important for me to know more. I want to give people beautiful skin . ”

The makeup artist Kim Kardashian but also Kendall Jenner also revealed: “So I always start with a lot of skin care products . I like those from La Mer like cleansing micellar water, renovation oil and original seafood. [Phillips is a brand ambassador.] Sometimes I will even come in with an illuminator before the foundation . ”

She also shared her favorite makeup on a celebrity. She revealed, “I made Kendall Jenner for the People’s Choice Awards last year. And we made this really cool floating green lining. It was so funny to me because I was like, “We’re going to be murdered for this. People will hate it. But we loved it. People always bring this look. And it made me so happy how much everyone really liked her . ”