Kim Kardashian looks a lot like Kylie Jenner in her new pic!


Is Kim Kardashian Trying To Copy The Look Of Her Stepsister, Kylie Jenner? The last photo posted by the starlet sows doubt …

Kim Kardashian has always had an appeal for fashion. So the reality TV star has always loved fashion and it has inspired fans around the world.

A true fashion icon, Kanye West’s wife is therefore a source of inspiration for thousands of people around the world. At 40, would North and Psalm’s mother have trouble renewing herself?

As revealed by the Hollywood Life media, the American influencer would copy her half-sister, Kylie Jenner. The youngest billionaire in the world is also very stylish.

At just 23, Stormi’s mom has launched several fashions over the past 5 years. So much so that Kim Kardashian would not hesitate to pique the style of the daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner.

Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram photo proves the young woman doesn’t hesitate to take inspiration from Travis Scott’s sweetheart look. Besides the outfit, it is Kim’s hairstyle that appeals to Internet users.


In the photo shared by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram account, the young woman therefore has a haircut that looks exactly like that of Kylie Jenner. Do you remember?

Kanye West’s wife therefore wears a long ponytail that is reminiscent of the one worn by Kylie Jenner. Many Kim fans have therefore notified her of this resemblance.

“Wow, you look so much like Kylie,” “looks like Kylie Jenner, that’s crazy”, “that haircut … Looks like Kylie Jenner, that’s crazy,” one read. Kim and Kylie look a lot alike.

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Even though they don’t have the same father, the two young women are therefore very similar. And they like to play on their likeness on social media.

And so Kim is not the only person from the Kardashian-Jenner clan to be compared to Kylie. On a regular basis, Internet users find that Kendall looks a lot like Kylie. Do you agree ?


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