Kim Kardashian keeps up with the situation in Armenia!


Kim Kardashian is using her influence on Instagram to show the reality of what’s going on in Armenia. And that’s not a pretty sight.

The situation is very worrying in Armenia. After a month of merciless war between Armenia and Turkey-backed Azerbaijan, the Armenians had to surrender. And with that leave part of their land. Kim Kardashian denounces this phenomenon on Instagram.

Very few people are talking about what is happening in this country. And yet all this is very serious. 120,000 people will have to leave their homes and that soon. Part of the Armenian territory recovered in 1990 will again be under Azerbaijan.

So, Kim Kardashian denounces this in her stories. It shows a video of a group of people praying outside a monastery that will soon no longer be theirs. This place is sacred and very important to these people. And yet they will no longer be able to go.

By accepting the ceasefire deal, the Armenians had to cede their land. Dadivank is a historic place. A place of prayer. The star shares the video of all these people gathered in front to celebrate last minute baptisms or just to pray.


At the moment, international aid is long overdue. Emmanuel Macron said he was sending humanitarian aid but no one is opposed to Azerbaijan’s land reclamation. Armenia is therefore living dark days after the massacre of their population during the genocide.

Kim Kardashian then shows that she can use her social media for a good deed. It shows all of its followers what is really going on in this country. And what a horror it causes.

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It is not known if the Kim Kardashian story will have a real impact, but in any case, it will open the eyes of those who were not aware of the situation. Everyone can therefore react on their own scale.


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