Kim Kardashian is shy of Pete Davidson in the Kardashians: he is the “sweetest” person “on the planet”


Her smile says it all! Kim Kardashian spoke for the first time about her relationship with Pete Davidson on the episode of The Kardashians on Thursday, May 12 — modestly portraying her new man.

“How was the night? I got in touch with you via FaceTime,” Scott Disick said with a grin when he saw the 41—year-old Skims designer at Kris Jenner’s birthday dinner in early November 2021.

“I guess I was busy,” Kim replied with a laugh.

In confession, she jokingly asked the producer to “leave me alone” when they asked who makes her smile so widely.

“I look at all the comments and everyone is like, ‘This guy is damn good,'” Scott, 38, continued at the party. Kim then called her beau “really the sweetest and sweetest person on the planet.”

When Scott and Ellen DeGeneres, who were also at the meeting, pressed for more details, Kim said: “I’ll tell you guys later.”

Kim began dating the 28-year-old “Saturday Night Live” star after she appeared on the NBC sketch show in October 2021. During her appearance, the selfish author also mentioned Kanye West’s ex-husband several times, who, as she later revealed, was not him. She was delighted to leave before she finished her monologue.

“He gave an interview last night saying that SNL made me say I ‘divorced him,'” Kim told sister Kourtney Kardashian on Thursday. “I came prepared with my monologue, and it really upset him. I showed him the monologue, but he says he’s never read it, like, just didn’t read the text. Kanye had a hard time with what I said. He’s like, “I didn’t sign the divorce papers.”.. I do not know [what he is waiting for]. I ask him all the time. He says he will, and then he says, “Well, I don’t want a divorce, so I don’t want to sign it.”

While Kim, who has four children with the Grammy winner, noted that she doesn’t want to talk too much about the rapper because he’s not a major part of the show, the founder of KKW Beauty talked about trying to find her own style. after her ex-husband had been choosing her clothes for years.

“He created me for SNL. Then, in the Wall Street Journal, I received an inventor’s Award for Skims and thought, “How can I wear something that hasn’t been pre—tested?”, Kim recalls. “After that, he called me and told me my career was over, and then showed me a picture of Marge Simpson in something similar.”

During the conversation with 43-year-old Kourtney, Kim also apparently mentioned Pete, joking about copying her older sister against the background of the Poosh creator’s relationship with Travis Barker.

“I had no idea you were going to law school.” It’s crazy that I found out this about you,” Kim said, before Kourtney pointed out that her sister went through a lot right after her.

Kim agreed with a smile on her face. “It’s kind of identical. What do you mean by that? …Now I’m copying your style and guys.”