Kim Kardashian Is Not Billionaire, According To Forbes


The magazine again denied the fortune of another sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Forbes declares that Kim Kardashian is not a billionaire, despite her husband Kanye West saying otherwise.

The Kardashian family is experiencing a crisis in their economic status, first it was Kylie Jenner with her false position as the youngest billionaire in the world, now it is her sister’s turn, who apparently does not have enough money to be considered like that.

According to the Daily Mail portal, Forbes reported that Kim sold part of the KKW shares to the Coty brand, the deal would have closed in a billion dollars, a figure that the rapper presumed; however, the finance specialist magazine stated that it is worth less.

KKW is reportedly worth $ 900 million, as the Coty brand bought part of the company for $ 200 million, reducing the scope for Kim’s fortune. It seems that they underestimated their wealth without taking into account that a part of the company no longer belongs to them.

Forbes also explained that Kim cannot be considered a billionaire, since her mother owns 8 percent of KKW, so in 2021 Kim will only have obtained profits from her cosmetics corresponding to the 72% that still belongs to her.

This new agreement with Coty, although it does not give her billionaire status, will allow Kim to launch various beauty, nail, skin care, and beauty products, she still has leadership within KKW, so she will be able to participate in the area. creative.

Despite not having a billionaire image, Kim continues to enjoy her fortune, as she not only lives on her beauty line, she is also very popular thanks to Keep Up With The Kardashians, she even charges 1 million dollars for sponsoring something in her Instagram.

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Kylie Jenner was also stripped of her place as the most billionaire, because Forbes says that the figures of Kylie cosmetics do not correspond to reality, they even accused her of presenting false invoices to inflate the value of her brand.


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