Kim Kardashian is in the middle of a surprising argument!


Hard blow for Kim Kardashian! The star still finds himself at the heart of a big controversy. And the reason may surprise you!

Kim Kardashian continues to be controversial on the web! Indeed, the star shocked Internet users for a very specific reason.

It’s not always easy to be known around the world! And that, Kim Kardashian understood it well! Indeed, the bomb has many detractors on social networks. They do not hesitate to criticize her at the slightest misstep!

The fashionista therefore often finds herself at the heart of big controversies in spite of herself. Cultural appropriation, luxurious lifestyle, or even shocking outfits … Internet users love to point the finger at the attitude of the star.

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian received thousands of reviews on Twitter. But this time, the bomb shocked Internet users for a very surprising reason!

Kanye West’s sweetheart shared images of her Christmas decor. The it-girl has opted for a very refined decoration which is far from unanimous!

A detail also appealed to his fans! This year, the star decided to lock some small stuffed animals in jars to place them in quarantine. A very special decoration that does not pass to Internet users!


Internet users have not hesitated to criticize Kim Kardashian’s decor. Indeed, the star has received thousands of attacks on Twitter.

We can then read many reproaches. “With all your money, how do you manage to have such a lousy decor?” “It’s really cold, it looks like you don’t live here.”

But that’s not all ! Some detractors of Kim Kardashian go so far as to call her interior “morbid”. Not sure that the it-girl appreciates!

Like what, the star is not allowed the slightest misstep. The latter certainly did not expect this strange controversy. Will she react to criticism? To be continued!

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