Kim Kardashian Instagram Pantyhose and Underwear


Warning the eyes ! On Instagram, Kim Kardashian immortalized herself in her underwear. You will see, the star is stunning.

Bomb alert ! Kim Kardashian has struck again on Instagram. Indeed, the pretty brunette took a pose in her underwear. And his cliché again won the approval of his fans … so as not to change!

On the Web, Kim Kardashian is a real star. On Instagram, she has over 199 million followers!

Keen on fashion, Khloé’s sister inspires all her followers with her clothing choices. Over the years, she has become an incredible icon in this field.

And Mason’s aunt is also the muse of many designers. Up to date, Kim Kardashian brilliantly manages different brands. Like “SKIMS” which is all the rage with its community.

This Monday, January 11, 2021, the star once again performed on Instagram to promote a new range. Facing the camera, Kim Kardashian immortalized herself with alluring underwear … Not to mention the tights!

In just a few hours, his post garnered over 3 million likes. Class!

“Wooow. The Queen. Too beautiful ”, we can read under his photo. But also: “OMG. Hypnotic ”.


At the moment, the private life of Kim Kardashian is making headlines on the tabloid press. Last I heard, she’s determined to end her marriage to Kanye West.

In fact, their union had been in turmoil for several months. On a daily basis, the star lives with his children in L.A, while the rapper makes his home in Wyoming.

According to some tabloids, Kim Kardashian can no longer bear the escapades of her husband. Remember during the American presidential elections, Kanye West had several times hit the headlines with his meetings… thus embarrassing his wife.

Diagnosed “bipolar”, he would also refuse to take treatment so as not to undermine his creativity. Unfortunately, the rapper would show all the colors to his relatives.

As a real mother hen, Kim Kardashian would like to have sole custody of their 4 children. Besides, she would be prepared to surround herself with the best lawyers to achieve this. So business to follow!


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