Kim Kardashian in a relationship with Van Jones?


Is Kim Kardashian in a relationship with CNN reporter Van Jones? The rumor has been swelling for a few days on social networks.

She runs, she runs the rumor … Kim Kardashian would have separated from Kanye West in order to be in a relationship with the journalist Van Jones, aged 52.

A news that has been around the web for a few days. It must be said that the recent stories of the couple formed by Kim and Kanye leave little room for doubt.

The couple have not been seen together for several months. At her husband’s bedside when he contracted Covid-19, Kim didn’t want to show it.

However, within her relationship, the mood is far from being good. Kanye West has deserted his family home in order to travel to Wyoming to settle his bipolar disorder.

Kim therefore finds herself alone with her four dependent children. And some media claim that Kourtney’s sister is in a relationship with Van Jones.


Rumors of divorce are rife in the American media. The tabloids are convinced that Kim is dating CNN reporter Van Jones.

The two lovebirds know each other very well. The CNN commentator has interviewed the pretty brunette several times before to talk about KUTWK.

On social networks, the media The Sun suggested that the journalist would be in a relationship with the young woman. And Internet users were quick to react to this rumor.

“They would go so well together, he has more on his shoulders than Kanye”, “wow, finally a smart one for Kim”, “and why not? “Write Internet users, happy with the news.

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Kim Kardashian raved about the reporter a few years ago. “So he’s the hope that so many people need,” she told Variety in 2018.

The tabloid E! reports that Van Jones has also always had positive words about the American influencer. “She’s a great girl, she’s brilliant,” he said. So, are Kim K and Van Jones a couple? Neither of them confirmed the rumor.


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