Kim Kardashian improvises as a hairdresser


Be careful, it cuts! Today, the beautiful Kim Kardashian improvises a hairdresser and misses the haircut of her son Saint.

Be careful, it cuts! Today, the beautiful Kim Kardashian improvises as a hairdresser and armed with a pair of scissors, she misses the cut of her son Saint.

Kim Kardashian is therefore unanimous on social media. On Instagram alone, the beauty is followed by more than 197 million subscribers.

And for good reason… Kim Kardashian is present on all fronts! Business woman, manager of her own brand, queen of trends and also adored mother of 4 adorable children!

But despite her many talents, our international Kim K can’t improvise a hairdresser … And today she’s proving it to us by trying to cut her son Saint’s hair, just watch:


It’s no longer a secret! Kim Kardashian and her sisters love to switch up haircuts and hair colors.

Jen Atkin is the official hairdresser for the Jenner-Kardashian family. But today Kim Kardashian wanted to replace her to cut her son Saint’s hair.

Sharing the failed story with us on her Instagram account, the young woman first posted a photo of a small pair of red scissors with a bunch of curly hair. And while her son Saint had an adorable and uniform hair, she then reveals it to us with a parting in the middle of the head and a hole …

She also comments: “He’s always so cute. Of course, Saint always has a chewable face, but the failed hairstyle does not go unnoticed.

And yes, it is well known this passage in front of the mirror where one wonders “Why did we want to improvise hairdresser? Or “Why did I give him my hair?” … Next time I’m going to the hairdresser. “


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