Kim Kardashian: her assault in Paris staged in a TV movie?


Kim Kardashian’s assault in Paris inspires many filmmakers. Will a TV movie of his nightmare see the light of day soon?

Remember October 2016: Kim Kardashian Was Assaulted! Will his assault in Paris be staged in a TV movie?

Back 4 and a half years ago… In October 2016, Kim Kardashian came to Paris for Fashion Week. Followed by millions of fans on social media, the news did not go unnoticed.

Even if the young woman is used to being at the center of intentions, her trip to the capital turns into a nightmare on the night of October 2-3 … Shock, Kim Kardashian has indeed been attacked by a gang of thieves!

That night, jewelry worth over 9 million euros was stolen … Traumatized for many years, the influencer took a while before she could move on and forget!

Unsurprisingly, the 40-year-old star had the fear of his life! She had sworn to never come to Paris again until 2018 when she managed to return to the city with her little sister Kylie Jenner.


And while this drama has long marked Kim Kardashian, her daily life continues to inspire artists. Indeed, this event more than traumatic aspired to beautiful things.

Artist Joann Sfar has used it for his Fashion Week comic book. Centered on his hero Le Niçois, he is preparing a big blow: a jewelry theft during Fashion Week.

But that’s not all ! Last October, Joan Sfar (who also directed, among other things, Gainsbourg Vie héroque) wanted to transcribe everything on screen.

The latest? French filmmaker Fabien Onteniente said a few days ago that he planned to direct a feature film based on the Kim Kardashian affair.

“It’s a modern day fable where retirees decide to rob a social media queen,” he said. He does not tell us more about his project which will be called La Remontada …

Kim K. will like the film? Not sure … Case to be continued!


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