Kim Kardashian hides from her children for this reason


Kim Kardashian hides from her children for this reason. Socialite sometimes needs a break from family life.

Through “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kim has shared various moments of her life, from family, social and her facet as an entrepreneur.

However, it seems that she also needs time alone, but it seems that her task as a mother sometimes does not turn out as she wanted, we will tell you what happened.

The socialite shared a video through her Instagram account, Kim took advantage of her free time in this quarantine to do a makeup tutorial, but it did not go as expected, because beyond having an accident with some of her paintings, it was her little daughter North who interrupted her plans.

From the minute 2:25, North appears to ask her mother for something, but it seems that Kim regrets that she found her. The socialite admitted that she had to hide in the bathroom of the guest room because her children do not leave her alone.

Kim’s comment caused her daughter’s outrage, who protested and asked her mother what she meant. Without a doubt, sometimes the task of being a mom absorbs all your time and due to isolation, Kim has to work 24/7 with her children.


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