Kim Kardashian: her kids smashing KKW Fragrance boxes!


In the story of her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian posted her children having fun with KKW Fragrance boxes.

Too cute ! Kim Kardashian surprised her children as they tried to break her KKW Fragrance branded boxes.

The world is raving about products from Kim Kardashian’s brand, KKW Fragrance. For some time now, her children too.

Indeed, this is what the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star just showed in her Instagram story this Friday, December 15.

It’s very simple: his little bits of cabbage are omnibulated by her boxes. And for good reason, they can have fun breaking them with all their might.

So nothing could please them anymore. Faced with such a spectacle, the one who is about to divorce American rapper Kanye West could not help but film.

So, we can see Kim Kardashian’s little monsters go to great lengths to break her boxes. But why do they want to absolutely break them?

It’s simple, they hide chocolate inside. So her children refuse to deprive themselves of such sweetness during such a difficult time.


In any case, no one could dispute it. Kim Kardashian’s children are truly delicious! Like the boxes from KKW Fragrance, by the way.

So, Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s big sister can’t help but film or take pictures of them. After all, how can you resist?

Besides, who will babysit if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get divorced? At first glance, the it-girl with millions of followers wouldn’t want to stay away from them.

Especially since she is the one who takes care of them the most. According to the revelations of one of our colleagues, the pretty brunette with generous curves admitted to feeling very alone in her married life.

And for good reason, the artist let her manage everything at home. She has to take care of all her little tribe without her husband …


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