Kim Kardashian has strict rules for flying on a private plane


Apparently, flying with Kim Air is not a picnic. The Kardashians can afford almost anything. Therefore, it is not surprising that many family members have a private plane. However, Kylie Jenner (25) got a lot of hate when it became known how often she travels by air limo. Kim Kardashian (41) also likes to fly on a private jet, but she has strict rules for fellow travelers.

In a new episode of The Kardashians, the entrepreneur banned his 26-year-old sister Kendall Jenner from sunbathing before flying on a plane. “Have you seen cashmere seats?” the author of “Egoist” asked. “You can’t spray tan on my cashmere seats.” Kim continued, “Let me know if you like any snacks because I have waffles and a freezer.” The TV star then criticized her siblings’ decision to order pasta as a meal on board: “We’re in Italy, damn it. We won’t eat pasta here on board.”

It’s not the first time Kim has made demands on those who want to board her fancy plane. Speaking on the June episode of her family’s reality show, the mother-of-four shared that she asks “not to wear shoes on the plane” and instead allows her passengers to wear “custom-made Skims slippers.” She also joked: “Don’t breathe. Don’t touch anything.”


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