Kim Kardashian Has Gone Viral Thanks to Messages Dedicated to St. Paddy’s Day. Reality Was Not What It Seemed


The Kardashian-Jenner family may collectively have billions of dollars thanks to a multitude of businesses, have a stronghold on social media like Instagram, and boast several private jets, but from time to time they also like to remind us that they may be related. Whether it’s Kylie Jenner shopping at Target or siblings trolling each other, sometimes famous family members really seem to be just like us. Kim Kardashian proved it recently when a photo of her in a pub on St. Patrick’s Day went viral. What could be more attractive than drinking a pint of beer to celebrate the March holiday? However, the real situation was somewhat different.

Fans were thrilled to see a reality TV star in jeans living life on St. Paddy’s Day, grabbing some Guinness and drinking a glass in a London pub, shoulder to shoulder with locals, as seen in a photo of a bar visitor on Twitter. :

Several people were thrilled with this related version of Kim Kardashian, including the opportunity to “stumble” on a celebrity in a pub. This fan seemed surprised that the reality TV star looked like one of the “ordinary girls,” tweeting:

Why does she look like one of us is fucking ordinary girls, like she’s smoking an elux marmalade bear and walking around the pub asking people if they use this chair?

Can you imagine running into Kim Kardashian in a bar and she asks if you use this chair? She doesn’t actually look out of place at all in the photo above among Londoners. In fact, many comments and retweets of the photo talked about it, noting how easily the Kardashian star seemed to fit into the pub crowd:

  • See how she cosplays a British girl — @VersaceVenus_
  • Lol, she’s like I’m for it 😭 – @Popstar0606
  • the way she looks like a standard hun sends — @leoliveeeeeeee
  • It’s weird because in the pub it kind of merges with her. I’m on a break now and I think I’ve already served 5 women who look like, haha – @DanSelwood1

Unfortunately, as is often the case with reality shows, the picture we were shown was not the full story. Another pub visitor tweeted a photo from the same bar with a completely different view of what was happening:

That low-key evening with a few pints of Guinness just got overwhelming, didn’t it? Instead of having a quiet drink, as the first photo might lead us to believe, it looks like Kim Kardashian had an entire Hulu crew, with at least seven camera operators and sound technicians. So much for being related!

We should all know that it would be absolutely impossible for Kim Kardashian to calmly drink a pint of beer, right? Just look at the crowd of people who showed up when she visited the Dolce & Gabbana store during her trip to Italy for Milan Fashion Week.

Perhaps we’ll see more of The SKIMS founder’s London adventures, including her night at the pub, when The Kardashians return for season three. Keep an eye on the TV program for 2023, and in the meantime, you can catch up on the first two seasons with a Hulu subscription.


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