Kim Kardashian has found her divorced lawyer!


It’s finally official! Kim Kardashian has reportedly chosen famous lawyer Laura Wasser to settle her divorce from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian has decided to secure his back! Indeed, the businesswoman would therefore have relied on lawyer Laura Wasser to settle her divorce from Kanye West.

This news has turned the people planet upside down! After more than 5 years of marriage, Kim Kardashian has decided to end her marriage to Kanye West.

In fact, it had been several months since the couple got along. On a daily basis, they even live separately.

The rapper seems to cherish their pretty home in Wyoming. While Kim Kardashian has taken up residence in L.A with their 4 children.

After going through some ups and downs with the rapper, the fiery brunette couldn’t take it anymore. Diagnosed “bipolar”, the interpreter of “Bound 2” would show all the colors to those around him.

It was to protect their offspring that the star would have decided to separate from him. In the meantime, Kris Jenner’s daughter seems determined to protect her interests.

As proof, she would have appealed to lawyer Laura Wasser to defend her cause. Commonly called “The Disso” (editor’s note: the queen of dissolutions). Or even “Breakup Artist” (editor’s note: the artist of separations).


Kim Kardashian’s lawyer is not just anyone! In the past, she has managed the divorces of many stars.

Like Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum. Britney Spears, and even Angelina Jolie!

Plus Kim Kardashian knows him well! The latter has already defended her cause during her divorce from Kris Humphries.

At the time, the businesswoman was also pregnant with little North. Well-known in her field, Laura Wasser asks for no less than $ 25,000 down payment to take care of a case.

If you want to use his services, you will also have to bite the bullet. Indeed, she would be paid 850 dollars an hour!

Determined, Kim Kardashian would like to obtain sole custody of her 4 children. If the star wants to be conciliatory, she would also like to keep her home in L.A. Case to be continued!


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