Kim Kardashian has a juicy deal with Coty for KKW Beauty!


New buzz for Kim Kardashian! Coty Inc. Closes Juicy $ 200 Million Deal With KKW! New buzz for the sultry Kim Kardashian! Coty Inc. Closes Juicy $ 200 Million Deal With Its KKW Beauty Brand!

And yes, it’s no longer a secret. Last June, Coty was already planning to integrate the Kim Kardashian brand into its categories.

The goal of this new contract? Be present in the skincare that KKW Beauty normally plans for 2022.

Coty Inc. has therefore entered into an agreement with Kim Kardashian to acquire 20% of the beauty business of KKW Beauty. This for the tidy sum of 200 million dollars.

Kim K is delighted with the deal. In fact, the arrangement is similar to the one Coty made with her sister, Kylie Jenner.


Kim Kardashian is definitely not stopping any more! And since June 2017 with the launch of her brand KKW Beauty, the business woman has had it all!

She knows what works and how to make each of her products a huge success! Unsurprisingly, considering the way she manages her personal Instagram account!

After the official announcement of the agreement with Coty, the director therefore congratulated Kim: “She shares our true passion for beauty products, and this acquisition allows us to leverage our respective strengths for mutual benefit and the creation of value. ”

“She has a unique ability to read the latest trends in beauty and wellness, while we have the expertise on global product positioning, access to an extensive global distribution network and the resources to enter. into new beauty categories. ” she thus concluded.

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Giving – giving, everyone finds their account. Indeed, the goal is for Coty to bring her scientific knowledge to product development, while Kim Kardashian West will bring guaranteed success with her 197 million Instagram followers alone.

Very promising objective! We can not wait to see what it will give in terms of new products … To be continued!


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