Kim Kardashian Has 4 Things She Would Like to Say to Kanye West’s New Beauty Bianca Censors


Kim Kardashian turned out to be an involved and caring mother. The socialite, known for her luxurious lifestyle and glamour, changed her priorities after having children with Kanye West. Although later the popular couple divorced due to differences of opinion and disagreements of the rapper. Despite the divorce, they decided to become parents of their children, and Ye had to pay 200 thousand dollars for the maintenance of the child.

Although the matter has been settled, co-parenting is already hard for a divorced couple. On top of that, the fact that the children belong to famous people makes things even more complicated. Now that the news that Ye is marrying Bianca Censori has suddenly hit the news, Kim Kardashian’s maternal side has woken up and she wants to discuss these four things with a Yeezy employee.

Here are four things Kim Kardashian wants to discuss with Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori.

Kanye West’s marriage to Bianca Censori is something that no one expected. Singer Donda shocked everyone with the news, while there were questions about his whereabouts. According to YourTango, the SKIMS owner now wants to meet with Ye’s new wife and discuss some ground rules regarding their children. The reports say she contacted the rapper’s team to wish him good luck on his new journey. She also applied for a meeting with the Censor. She would like to discuss 4 areas: child care, nutrition, use of electronic devices and screen time, as well as sleep schedule.

Unsurprisingly, the Kardashians in general are very selective and check people who have access to their children. This also applies to the children’s stepmother. In fact, during the divorce, their custody agreement mentioned that the mother could make a decision on such terms. Although she claimed she didn’t mind Ye’s marriage, she was furious about one thing.

The Gold Digger singer made a big deal when his ex-wife started dating SNL host Pete Davidson. Whereas he himself got married just a couple of months after their divorce was finalized. While the socialite has already admitted that it’s not easy for her to raise children with Ye, adding a stepmother is sure to make her even dirtier.

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