Kim Kardashian goes on sports sessions to stay on top!


There is no secret, no pain, no gain. Thus, Kim Kardashian has her own tip to stay on top, regular sports sessions.

To be in top form, Kim Kardashian does not spare. Thus, the star connects sports sessions and kills himself in the task. So here is the secret of the bimbo to keep a dream body …

After the effort, the comfort … That, Kim Kardashian knows very well. The it girl seems in any case dead in the gym.

To reward herself for all these efforts, she will still treat herself to a well-deserved dish. Tonight it was pizza for the pretty bimbo.

Pizza she was able to enjoy alongside her happy tribe of four children. Before that of course, our 39-year-old star played sports until he died!

So she doesn’t spare herself, per se… She seems anxious to keep a dreamlike figure and maintain her goddess body, while strengthening her plump buttocks.

Eating at fast food weighs on the scales… And that, Kim Kardashian understood it well. So she did the @Fitgurlmel session without giving herself a break.


So the athlete and sports coach didn’t spare her either and gave her a lot of exercise. They trained twice a day, it seems.

After a few bar squats and lifting some Kettle Balls, she treated herself to a little Workout Pilate session. Very fashionable, this course will have served Kim Kardashian well.

This time, she was next to her sister, Khloé Kardashian, with whom she did the 400 shots! For coach, they had Jesse Ohara!

On the program: Knee Tucks and Pikes… Enough to strengthen the joints and avoid cracks in the knees. Then, to have fun: pizza tasting for Kim Kardashian.


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