Kim Kardashian gives roses for Valentine’s Day!


As Valentine’s Day approached, Kim Kardashian presented caregivers with beautiful roses to thank them for attending.

To thank caregivers on the front line facing the Covid-19 pandemic, Kim Kardashian offered them roses. A very generous gesture as Valentine’s Day approaches!

What generosity! Kim Kardashian has her hand on her heart! At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many stars were offering donations to caregivers.

Indeed, public figures did not want to stand idly by in the face of the global health crisis. So everyone put their hand in the wallet.

Problem, that is not really the case anymore. Thus, all the actors and singers who gave out of their pocket to fight Covid-19 are being more discreet.

Kim Kardashian couldn’t help it. In short, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was kind to the caregivers, to say the least. The goal: to thank them.

So, the designer of the KKW Beauty star brand indeed sent dozens of rose bouquets to the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital (California). And this for Valentine’s Day!

According to our colleagues at TMZ, however, Chicago mum North, Psalm and West would not have bought them first. These bouquets are actually from a photoshoot.

But, rather than throwing in the compositions of the florist of the stars, Jeff Leatham, she preferred to offer them. In fact, she transformed them all into small individual bouquets to send them to the hospital.

Besides, the beautiful gift was accompanied by a word of thanks. However, the contents of the message were not disclosed. One thing is for sure, caregivers could not help but be touched.


In any case, Kim Kardashian manages her affairs with a masterful hand. The reality TV star knows exactly where she stands in her accounts, and can afford nice gifts for caregivers.

But you have to believe that the pretty brunette with generous curves is not trying to gain media attention by being so generous. Besides, this even quite the opposite.

With the paparazzi, the one who divorces the American rapper Kanye West would be manipulative to say the least! It’s quite simple: she’s sick of always being in the spotlight.

Something that previously made her dream. Before embracing fame, Kim Kardashian was impatient to know notoriety. So, simple Hollywood socialite, she had a tip.

Indeed, the latter had made believe that she was hanging out with Britney Spears to get their full attention. And for good reason, the interpreter of Toxic was the star of the time. So, we have to believe that the star was desperate to become famous… And it worked!


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