Kim Kardashian gives away $ 10,000 Rolex!


For the end of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian and her sisters wanted to mark the occasion! Successful bet, they offer ROLEX watches to their employees

Shock on the web! Kim Kardashian and her sisters splurge $ 300,000 on 30 Rolex watches for the KUWTK team!

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian and her family filmed the very last episode of KUWTK! And after 15 years of filming, they wanted to thank the entire team behind the camera!

Indeed, without all his little hands, the Kardashians wouldn’t be multimillionaires today! To thank them, they didn’t do things by halves and set the bar very, very high!

Covid demands, so they celebrated the end of the show at an outdoor garden party! Laeticia Hallyday: Jade in the streets of Paris with her darling!Delighted, the team toasted with the Kardashians over champagne and personalized cakes.

To the delight of fans, Kim Kardashian also shared behind the scenes in her Instagram story. So take a look:


KUWTK filmed their last episode Friday night, after 20 seasons on screen! Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian and her family wanted to celebrate!

For the occasion, Kim and her sisters then donated Rolex watches to the whole team! Shock, the family spent over $ 300,000 on 30 watches for each.

For this event, Kris Jenner therefore made a moving speech. Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kylie also all said a little note to thank everyone for this crazy adventure!

The $ 10,000 ROLEX watches were therefore presented by Kim Kardashian and her family at the end of their garden party. And in view of the speeches of the members of the KUWTK team, they were all delighted with the gift … And for good reason.

In the excitement, some employees even let out a small tear! How not to cry in front of such a memorable gift?


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