Kim Kardashian gets haircut urgently … in a parking lot!


Kim Kardashian does not refuse anything! In the middle of a parking lot, she called her hairdresser in emergency … To cut his hair!

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Hair 911 on Hollywood Blvd with @kimkardashian

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All of Kim Kardashian’s employees are very caring with her. So, when the star needs to refresh her haircut, her hairdresser comes running! This time, it’s in the middle of the road, and with scissors found at the last minute that his hairdresser Chris Appleton then cut his hair. Indeed, as you can see on the video below, they are standing in the middle of a parking lot …

Kim Kardashian’s beauty team is kicking! Indeed, his teams respond to the slightest of these desires. Thus, his hairdresser did not think twice when his favorite client asked him to join him. Indeed, the latter then cut his hair between two cars on a parking lot. Kim filmed at the same time. “When you need a cut … Call Chris, and he’ll come with scissors wherever you are. The we are in a parking lot in Hollywood. Nobody will believe it, but he cuts my hair. He already cut my hair shorter earlier, and here I put it to a severe test here. Explains Kim Kardashian, on the images.

Hair stylist Chris Appleton was quick to post the video on Instagram. The comments then multiplied at high speed. “They are not even barber scissors! Hat, for the cut! You manage, while you are in the middle of nowhere and without the right tools!

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