Kim Kardashian for the KKW Fragrance promotion!


The American starlet Kim Kardashian appears in very hot outfit to promote her new fragrances: KKW Fragrance!

Kim Kardashian is promoting her new KKW Fragrance fragrances on Instagram!

The American starlet has been busy early in the year. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has just unveiled the launch of its new fragrances!

And it was on Instagram that the young woman decided to promote it. Kim Kardashian shared a great shot of herself with one of her scents in hand.

The young woman has turned into a real goddess to promote her new products. And we must admit that the result is rather successful!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star teases the release of 3 new fragrances. On Instagram, her fans seem more than excited to find out more.

They were more than 1,607,000 to like her publication on her official account! Just that.


Kim Kardashian therefore teases the release of KKW Fragrance with 3 new fragrances. The young woman chose heart-shaped bottles especially for Valentine’s Day!

We thus find a golden perfume bottle, another metallic and a last in bronze tones. Kim Kardashian specifies that her new fragrances will be available very soon.

In fact, fans of the starlet will be able to get them from January 21! These will be available on the official starlet brand website.

Finally, know that Kylie Jenner’s big sister offers fragrances with floral aromas with a touch of orange blossom. They will be sold in small bottles of 30 ML.

It will take 30 dollars to be able to get the perfume of the starlet of the Kardashian family. In any case, Kim seems to want to start the year well on the business side!

So she doesn’t waste time. Fans are eager to discover its novelties. Case to be continued.


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