Kim Kardashian and her family disguise themselves … in verse! Their WTF costumes unveiled!


Kim Kardashian and her family disguise themselves … in verse! Their WTF costumes unveiled! Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their 4 children dressed as earthworms for Halloween. A very strange choice that surprised the canvas!

Kim Kardashian does not lack an idea! Indeed, she and her family have chosen to disguise themselves as worms for Halloween … An amazing choice that made people laugh …

Kim Kardashian is not afraid of ridicule! So, for Halloween, the mother decided to dress everybody in an insect. On Intagram, the completely crazy cliché of their costumes accumulates millions of likes.

Indeed, users seem to have a lot of fun disguises. Even Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, commented on the photo. “Wow. I do not even know what to say! A feeling of misunderstanding that many share about this strange family photo. You can admire it below. Strange, is not it?

This is not the first costume the little family has donned for Halloween. Indeed, Kim Kardashian also posted a picture where they were all disguised as Cro-Magnon Man. A reference to The Firestone Family. However, this time, Kanye West and Kim made very strong! On the picture Kim and her 4 children seem to be larvae … While Kanye looks like a big fly! An amazing costume that made the canvas react a lot. Indeed, the 150 million Kim subscribers have mobilized in the comments.

Thus, Internet users seem to generally salute the originality of disguises. “It’s very strange to disguise themselves as earthworms … But the costumes are just too beautiful! North’s one in particular! Or again, “Wow. Best and also weird Halloween costume! Can we read on Instagram.

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